Business Design

An important topic of innovation management is business design. It addresses all configuration options, required to successfully and sustainably handle a business area. The progressive commoditization of existing product offerings, the rising (price) competition among others from Asian competitors, an eroding client base as well as a decline in margins often represent an occasion for an analysis and revision of the business design.

Successful products consist of a bundle of benefits, which are precisely adapted to the target market: the starting point is an innovation, which is optimally aligned to the client’s needs and the commercial market requirements. Furthermore, a well-thought-out business model, a coherent positioning in communication, efficient distribution channels, the right level of service, and many others must be taken into account.

Strategic partnerships or the takeover of selected companies are important instruments for a strategic positioning in existing or new markets. The careful selection of market or technology partners enables the access to new client groups and markets, or the addition of missing technologies and products.


Business Model

Position on the value chain


Strategic partners and M&A candidates

Orientation of an organization towards growth and a culture of innovation