Our Methodology

TECH TO MARKET™ is the long-standing, proprietary methodology developed by MBG for successful positioning of companies in growth markets.

Innovation methodology: “Thinking from the client’s perspective”

Core elements

  • “Outside - In”: Systematic, worldwide scouting for trends and unsolved issues (“Customer Pain Points”) of potential clients - on the basis of firsthand information from globally leading market or technology experts

  • Reduction of the product development risk: Focus on markets with high commercial potential and foster concrete development (R&D) targeting technical requirements of the identified unsolved issues (“Customer Pain Points”)

  • Fast launch of new products on the market (Time-to-Market) via strategic added value partnerships and innovative business models


The knowledge and professional experience from our international network are integrated in the MANAGEMENT BUSINESS GROUP methodology.

MBG expert network:

  • Proprietary, global expert network - for B2C and B2B markets

  • MBG global scouting network in Western/Eastern/Southern Europe, US, South America, India, China, South Korea, Japan

Firsthand market information:

  • Personal focus interviews

  • Company visits

  • Future Forum: Roundtable with leading experts


of MBG’s Expert and Network Database


The concept of pain-point driven innovation management focuses on challenges and changes impacting markets due to, for example, market trends, new technologies, or new legal requirements and standards.
These medium and long-term client pain points offer the opportunity for new offerings based on the proprietary technology portfolio, but also for innovative business models and service offerings for the resolution of the customer pain points.

Pain Point-driven Innovation Management
  • Which are the pain points, trends, challenges and changes impacting the clients’ markets?

  • Which are long-term business opportunities based on these pain points?

  • What are future business models?

  • Which will be the main growth markets in the future?

  • Which are the main technologies in the clients’ markets?