Business Acceleration

In the crucial phase of the business launch, promising product concepts or new, digital-based business models can quickly become a flop due to errors in the GoTo Market program. Too often innovation managers still use standardized and traditional processes in sales, communication or service - instead of a market launch program tailored to innovations with e.g. customer-specific measures.

The Business Acceleration Program accelerates the commercial success of innovations and new business models. The key to success is to focus on carefully selected target markets where the technology or the business model offers the greatest benefit. The basis for the selection is an in-depth understanding of Pain Points from customer point of view.

MANAGEMENT BUSINESS GROUP supports innovation departments, incubators and corporate start-ups in the rapid realization of commercial marketability. We plan the market launch of innovations or new business models, look for suitable pilot markets and bring in pilot customers. If necessary, we develop new sales channels, such as digital distribution platforms. At the same time, suitable strategic partners or M&A candidates for market access are sought and won if necessary. The achievement of goals and milestones is regularly checked and the new product is flexibly adapted to a changed market and competitive environment.

In cases in which it turns out that marketing the innovation via its own sales channels is uneconomical, MANAGEMENT BUSINESS GROUP commercializes a technology by searching for licensees.


Market Entry

Marketing Mix

Clients, Sales Volumes, Distribution and Processes

Out-licensing of a technology